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“I have been friends with Alon Bassok over the past 15 + years and have enjoyed many discussions on urban planning and other policy related topics with him. We often find ourselves discussing the lack of planning and vision at the City of Seattle. Over the years Alon and I have both thought about running for City Council, but for various reasons the timing has been wrong, until now. I am happy to offer my support to Alon. His background in Urban Planning, coupled with his balanced views on growth and human service needs make him an excellent candidate.

Jessica Vets

Executive Director, Fremont Chamber of Commerce

"Alon Bassok is a remarkable well informed, trustworthy, and compassionate man with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to work and play for over 20 years. His decisions are driven by reason and truth, not partisanship. If voted in, Alon will not disappoint."

Jesse Thomas

Co-owner, Crow and Betty Restaurants, Queen Anne

"I've known Alon for 15 years. In his tenure running the Old Town Alehouse, Alon always possessed great leadership, was immensly hard-working, and was respected by his staff."

John Burreson

Owner, The Highliner, Fisherman's Terminal

“Alon was an inaugural instructor in the University of Washington's Sustainable Transportation program and has proven to be one of our most popular instructors. His classes that cover transportation, land use, demand management and transportation modes are all highly relevant to the city and the region. Alon will bring these skills to the city council that are especially important for this city-wide seat. I think Alon would be a great addition to the city council.”

Scott Rutherford

Professor, Urban Planning, University of Washington

“Alon is knowledgeable and practical. He clearly has the skills to work with all sides of the housing and transportation issues. We need someone of his caliber on the council.”

Helene Ellenbogen

Attorney, Law Offices of Helene Ellenbogen, P.S.

“Please help make more affordable housing possible, especially near public transportation.”

Rabbi Borodin

Rabbi, Congregation Beth Shalom

“As a professor, Alon regularly presented class with an existing transportation problem, facilitating discussion to arrive at the most beneficial solution. As a city councilor he would entertain the collective perspectives to determine the best course for the public good. Above all, quality of life is what Alon strives to strengthen for Seattle.”

Matt Herman

Former Student

“I appreciate your perspective and believe the City would benefit from your leadership!”

Kadie Bell

NYC Department of City Planning

“I support Alon!”

Amanda Kay Herman

Bookkeeper, Lightpress, Inc.

"Alon brings a smart, fresh perspective to making Seattle an even more livable community for all."

Don Miller

Professor, Urban Planning, University of Washington

"Alon is exactly the kind of voice we need in Seattle. He is articulate, educated and knowledgeable about the needs of the City’s infrastructure. He is also a loving and committed father of 2 young children so understands the needs from a family’s perspective too. And to top it all off he is witty, a sense of humor is desperately needed among our leaders, not that it is not serious work, but sometimes having a light hearted moment can help reconnect everyone to the importance of the work and why you are all doing what you are doing, working to improve the quality of living for the people of this great City of Seattle. "

Sarah Airhart

Founder/Director of the Community School of West Seattle.

"Alon Bassok is the only choice with a plan to make housing affordable today and for when my child needs a city home in twenty years to start his own family. As a new city-wide Councilmember, only Alon has the education and expert experience to fix the housing and transportation crises that have ballooned out of control."

Joe Szilagyi

West Seattle Activist

"With the unchecked growth that Seattle is currently experiencing there is an ever increasing need for voices in city government who represent the people and policies which are being squeezed out by the developers more focused on short term gains . Our city needs leaders with a clearer vision to the future, maintaining our communities as affordable and livable while not holding onto archaic urban models. Alon Bassok, with his background in urban planning and transportation, the arts, as well as his experience living in several other urban areas, offers a potent combination of knowledge, perspective, candor and wit that would be well utilized in our current political climate."

Paul Hiraga

Musician/Producer/Engineer, Crackle & Pop! Studio, Ballard

“You have my total support!”

Emmy Bell

West Seattle Resident


Craig Serbousek

Co-owner, Crow and Betty Restaurants, Queen Anne